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Is it free?

We have a free basic plan that provides you all the tools you need to practice natural family planning methods. We offer a premium version that averages to only $2.50 per month when you pay for a year, and it gives you many extra features over the basic plan.

Features Basic Plan
Premium Plan
Symptothermal Method check check
BBT Charting check check
Mucus and Saliva Tracking check check
Rhythm Method check check
Symptoms Tracking check check
Community Forums check check
Overall Ovulation Estimate check check
Print Charts check check
Detailed Ovulation Breakdown   check
Chart Shading   check
Gender Swaying   check
Cycle & Luteal Statistics   check
Detailed Cycle Notes   check
Compare Charts   check
Ovulation Test Dates   check
Chart Library   check
Interactive Charts   check
Confidence Indicators   check
45 day trial of premium plan check  
Price Free forever As low as $2.50/month

The above chart highlights the major features of our service, but there are many more that are not listed. We encourage you to simply sign-up and try it to see everything we offer.

There are many ways to use My Fertility Charts at no cost. A basic subscription is free and indefinite and supports basic functions such as data recording, viewing, and charting. Advanced features require Ovulation Chart a Premium Membership which you can qualify for at no-cost with rewards or sponsorship programs. It can also be purchased. This page describes the numerous ways that you can gain access to a premium subscription.

Signing up does not involve any cost or obligation. As this page shows, there are even many no cost ways for you to maintain a premium subscription. If you are interested, you can sign up and start charting now!

Free Basic Subscriptions

By default, all users are always entitled to a free basic subscription. This subscription never expires and offers you access to all of your recorded data and charts. You can use it to continue to record new data and chart future cycles. Some advanced features are disabled and require a premium subscription. This basic subscription is provided for free and is adequate to most user's basic needs. Online users can optionally purchase or qualify for free premium subscriptions with advanced features, but are under no obligation to ever purchase anything. Premium subscriptions revert to free basic subscriptions when they expire.

As a fall back, this basic subscription ensures that you can continue to chart for free. There are ways that you can get a premium subscription and take advantages of even more features at no cost through rewards and sponsorship programs.

Premium Subscriptions

A premium subscription gives you complete access to all of the features on My Fertility Charts. It includes advanced features like chart overlays, event analysis, gender swaying, chart Baby and Mother shading, and more. Some users will find the free basic subscription more than adequate. Those interested in more features may wish to maintain a premium subscription using one of the many mechanisms described below. Many are even free.

Link to us

If you link to our website you can have a free premium membership for as long as the link stays active!

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