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Our affiliate program

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Earn 50% of all subscription payments forever!

For each customer you send to us, we will give you half of what we receive from that customer for as long as they continue to pay us. Most customers love our service and use it for many years.

How It Works

You simply place a link to us on your website, facebook, myspace, or in your email list and whenever a person clicks that link to come to our website, we will mark that customer as having come from you. If the visitor likes our service and decides to pay us for it, money you'll earn 50% of that payment and any future ones by that customer.

Example Scenario

Sarah B. sees your website and decides the fertility software you describe sounds interesting. She clicks the link and comes to this website. She signs up and begins to use our service. After 45 days, her trial is over and she no longer has the premium features, so decides to pay for 1 year (for $29.99). You earn half, so your account is credited with $15

Susan H. also finds our service through you, but decides to sign up for the 1-month recurring plan. She uses the service for 2 years before deciding to cancel. You earn: 2 years * 12 months * $4.99/month * 50% = $59.88

Affiliate Program Details

  • The minimum amount you must earn before we pay you is currently: $20
  • We make payments once a month via paypal to the email-address you register with
  • The signup cookie-length is 6-months (if you send a customer to our website but they take 5 months to signup, you still get credit for that customer)
  • The payment length is unlimited (if a customer signs up but doesn't start paying us until a year after signup, you still get credit)
  • You may not promote our service on websites that also promote: adult or illegal content

Signup as an affiliate

HormonalForecaster.com Affiliate Program

We also offer a downloadable version of our software to customers that prefer more privacy. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of the Hormonal Forecaster (only for the downloadable version), email support@hormonalforecaster.com. Please describe the resources you plan to use to refer users to this powerful software. If agreeable, you will be setup to begin marketing the software. Additional information will be provided to help you get started. Since the Hormonal Forecaster offers a wealth of features and many free usage options, generating referrals is fairly easy.


Clocking Edge software also considers other partnership relationships to accommodate other needs. If you have special needs that you feel that expertise from the Hormonal Forecaster suite of fertility solutions can help you meet, you can contact us to discuss special arrangements. Typical past examples have included dedicated sub-sites to offer online charting to fixed user communities and also consulting expertise and services to help new ventures succeed. Whatever your needs are, we may be able to help. You can email support@hormonalforecaster.com and describe what you have in mind.

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