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One of the distinct advantages of managing your fertility online is the ability to share your data records with other registered users, friends, and even your own health care providers. My Fertility Charts supports data sharing to enable you to permit specified access to your fertility symptoms, BBT and ovulation charts, and other data by friends and medical professionals. A doctor may have even referred you to this site. If your doctor has signed up as a health care Online Community provider, you will be able to enable data sharing with him or her to allow them to view your fertility data and symptothermal ovulation charts and offer feedback.

In addition to support for controlled permissions to share your data, My Fertility Charts also offers online message boards. You can send private messages to other users or use the public boards to ask questions or even post your fertility charts. This is a great way to learn more about your fertility by sharing of individual expertise and feedback.

There is also a new Fertility Exchange tool that rewards users for helping each other. This forum allows users to ask questions and receive feedback and suggestions from other fellow users. Responses can be marked as premier responses as a way to reward users for offering assistance. These users are eligible for free rewards to extend their subscription status.

Chart Library

Users can also search a chart library to study cycles from other users to better understand their own charts. This compliments the ability to view charts belonging to specific users who have chosen to publicly share their charts with you or the online community. The chart library can be searched to find user charts with a specific condition, those who are tracking the same symptoms, and other detailed criteria.

Start Ovulation Charting Today

You can begin using My Fertility Charts to chart your ovulation and fertility right now. All you need to do is sign up. There is no cost to register and base online charting and fertility management features are free indefinitely. Sign up and begin using this powerful online ovulation calendar and fertility charting service immediately!

If you would like more information about the web edition first, you can view more details before signing up. This includes a list of features and screen captures from the actual site to help illustrate some of what it can offer you. To see all of the available features, create an account and try it out.

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