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Symptothermal Method ovulation prediction method that includes both temperature and symptoms
BBT Charting see your monthly temperature chart that automatically estimates your ovulation date
Mucus and Saliva Tracking increase the ovulation estimate accuracy by inputting your mucus details, cervix position, and other details
Rhythm Method predicts ovulation by looking at your menstruation history
Symptoms Tracking record very detailed symptoms, such as: menstruation, intercourse, birth control, temperatures, mucus details, cervix position, insomnia, depression, stress, acne, and more
Community Forums join our supportive community of women. We do not censor any communications
Overall Ovulation Estimate combines all prediction methods together to provide a more accurate prediction
Print Charts easily print your charts so you can show them to your doctor
Detailed Ovulation Breakdown provides separate ovulation estimates for each prediction method
Chart Shading the purple shading to highlight peak fertility
Gender Swaying indicate the likelihood of conceiving a boy or a girl based upon the Shettles Method
Cycle & Luteal Statistics gain insight into the varying lengths of your cycle and luteal lengths
Detailed Cycle Notes save detailed notes with each cycle that can be used years later
Compare Charts compare cycle charts, chart overlays, and display coverlines on your Gap and BBT charts, and
Ovulation Test Dates get recommendations on when to use an ovulation test kit
Chart Library search the chart library for cycles like yours
Interactive Charts hover over your chart to see detailed notes, see all events on your charts, and manualy adjust temperature scales
Confidence Indicators know how sure or unsure we are about the predicted ovulation date

My Fertility Charts uses fertility awareness and natural family planning techniques to identify ovulation and fertility based upon recorded symptothermal data. Ovulation or fertility charts can be generated online. There are also Fertility Calendar online ovulation calendar views which highlights past cycles, ovulation dates, future cycles, and other recorded data.

While storing information online is convenient, some users feel more comfortable keeping their own copy of their data on their PC. My Fertility Charts makes this possible. You can synchronize your account with the desktop version of the Hormonal Forecaster to upload and download data records. You can optionally update and view your records online or offline at your discretion.

Data sharing is also unique to the Hormonal Forecaster web edition and allows you to selectively share your data records with other users and health care providers.

A feature list follows. You can also view Screen Captures of the site to get a visual preview of some of what it can offer.

How Can This Help With Fertility?

My Fertility Charts is an online fertility calendar and charting site. It can help you view and understand your ovulation to help you achieve pregnancy as desired. By tracking fertility symptoms, you can identify your cycle's ovulation date and view your fertility levels. This information can be used to schedule intercourse appropriately to improve or reduce your likelihood of conception and pregnancy.

Full list of fertility features

    Ovulation Chart
  • Track Fertility based upon several Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning Methods such as the Ovulation Method, the Symptothermal Method, the Gap Method, and the Calendar Method.
  • Automatically generate symptothermal Ovulation Charts based upon recorded symptoms
  • Calendar views to show past and future cycles as well as ovulation dates
  • Calculates and displays multiple ovulation dates based on different types of analysis
  • Ability to manually specify ovulation dates and associate notes with individual cycles
  • Record and view basal body temperatures, partner temperatures, cervical mucus observations, cervical position, ovulation test results, and saliva ferning.
  • Recommendations for ovulation testing dates
  • Cycle statistics
  • Record and chart multiple symptoms
  • Capable of displaying recorded events on your ovulation charts
  • Chart overlays to compare your own charts with other cycles or charts from other users
  • Side by side chart comparison tool
  • Searchable chart library
  • Can record intercourse, protected intercourse, and intercourse notes to identify specific times and/or other information of interest
  • Charts support tool tips to display notes and other information when hovering your mouse over specific dates and fields on your chart
  • Gender swaying support to indicate the likelihood of conceiving a boy or a girl based upon the Shettles Method
  • Pregnancy tool to help track your pregnancy
  • The Hormonal Forecaster's own innovative chart shading feature illustrates how recorded symptoms translate into interpreted fertility levels by shading the user's chart in areas indicative of high fertility.
Pregnant Tummy

Reminders and notes tracking:

  • Supports numerous default events which can be recorded
  • Also allows for tracking of up to 20 custom behaviors, moods, or actions
  • Record and view daily personal notes to keep track of other textual information.
  • Schedule reminders or events and view them on a calendar
  • Analyze recorded events to look for patterns related to your cycle
  • Ability to share recorded events and/or personal notes with other registered users and health care providers

Message boards and share with friends:

  • Desktop version Synchronization Support
  • Private message boards enable you to send other registered users messages
  • Public message boards facilitate online discussions
  • Fertility Exchange board that encourages users to help one another and rewards users for providing assistance with free subscription credits
  • Synchronize your fertility records onto your computer for offline access with the Hormonal Forecaster desktop software.
  • View your friend's shared data and charts online with their permission
  • Optionally share your fertility data and charts with other registered users and health care providers

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